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O’Neill Community Foundation Fund Awards Grant to the Region 629 AYSO Soccer Program

The O’Neill Community Foundation Fund recently donated $2,500 to the American Youth Soccer Organization Region 629 in O’Neill.

AYSO Region 629 serves the O'Neill area. Recently they have elected a new board of directors whose main goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for the children of the O'Neill area to play soccer together. The new board is revitalizing the program and facilities with the hopes of bringing more children into the program.

The program currently brings 300 children and their families together on Saturdays from surrounding areas to enjoy a day of soccer games. By updating the program, AYSO Region 629 hopes to increase the number of children they have each season and continue to bring people to the O'Neill community

Individuals interested in learning more about the AYSO Soccer Program in O’Neill or helping support this program should contact Amy Larsen at

The O’Neill Community Foundation strives to enrich the quality of life in the O'Neill area both today and in the future. To learn more about the many local organizations that have benefited from the O’Neill Community Foundation or to donate, visit

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